Sunday, December 16, 2012

Is posting satire acceptable? Not in New York city!!!

Essam Attia a 29 year old man posted some posters around New York depicting Drones dropping bombs on people, in at attempt to further the discussion on the use of military drones in U.S. airspace.  The NYPD however did not find this amusing and tracked him down.  They charged him with numerous felony counts but was released on bond.  His arrest actually proves his point.  If you become an enemy of the state, even if the state is the real enemy, they will find you. 

"I would rather be exposed to the inconveniences attending too much liberty than those attending too small a degree of it."

-Thomas Jefferson.  (Also stenciled by Essam Attia) 

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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Audit the FED, destiny or pipe dream???

So I read somewhere that Senator Harry Reid needs to have a serious conversation with Ben Bernanke before he can allow a vote on the bill which would allow the Federal Reserve to be audited.  This is the very same Harry Reid who once stood against the FED but now says that his frustration was against Alan Greenspan, who came from the same financial circle that produced Ben Bernanke.  This is good old fashion political theater at it's finest.

I know that most Americans have no idea how central banking really works.  What I fear more, is that I think we've reached the point where most don't care.  I really wonder how many people would bat an eyebrow if it were all spelled out in exact words.  I wonder how many would literally say "whatever", when being told how many trillions of dollars are being created from nothing and then loaned for interest on dollars which didn't exist prior to getting the loan in the first place.

Then you must consider good old fashion "Quantitative Easing" which seems to have found favor from both sides of the isle.  In fact I've come into contact with people who claim to be on the right wing side, who think this is perfectly acceptable.  People who think the Fed is OK, and not a problem at all.  This is what really scares me while we wait on the precipice of this "Fiscal Cliff".  I know John Boner is going to cave, he's going to give President Obama what he wants, hell he might even support this idea of giving the executive power to raise the debt as he sees fit.  There is no telling how far this corrupt GOP might be willing to go.  Some people actually believe the Republican Party still stands for something when in fact, they stand for pretty much the same exact principles the Democrats stand for, only they do it at Country Clubs instead of Union Halls.

Meanwhile, the Democrat machine is pushing more violence and hate in Michigan over "Right to Work", actually driving people to fight over whether or not a worker is FORCED to join a union.  Does that make any sense???  If you want a job, you need to join a group that will take a portion of your earned income and use it as it sees fit in all kinds of political  games that you probably don't support.  Keep in mind the left accused the TEA party movement of violence many times even though no violence ever actually occurred, but here we have protesters actually throwing punches and no one hardly bats on eye.

What is wrong with our country???




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