Friday, April 29, 2011

Superman supports the New World Order

Superman has announced he is “renouncing” his U.S. citizenship.

You can read more on the story here.

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Is the Birth Certificate real or not?

Before Obama released this I didn't think it was really worth all the hype but now, I think something definitely doesn't smell right.

Is it real or not, look at the evidence and you decide.

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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

How's that Hope and Change working for you?

If you haven't already you should check out the "Hope and Change Sticky Note Campaign."

The idea is simple, place a sticky note on the pump each time you fill up to remind everyone of the Hope and Change that was promised back when the gasoline was just above $1.75 a gallon. You could also post them next to the butter, milk or bread in the grocery store.

I have ordered a small supply of the following design. If you would like some please contact me.

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Thursday, April 21, 2011

The ridiculous IL Dept. of Revenue

Ok, here is my rant in regards to a personal tax situation I am currently dealing with, what good is having a blog if you can't use it to vent from time to time:-)

2007 my wife Sara and I filed our taxes like good little citizens on time and online well before the April deadline. Receiving refunds from the both the IRS and the state of IL. Our state refund was pretty small, so I checked the box for them to keep it and put it towards next year,(This is the first and last time I will ever do this by the way)I then forgot about it.

Sara and I carry on with our lives for the next 3 years and each year we file our taxes as usual. in 2010 I receive a letter from the IL Dept. of Revenue, they want me to pay taxes for 2007. After a quick review I realize that the reason they want me to pay taxes is because they show zeros all across the board for us. I think that this must surely be an error since I know we filed. I attempt to call them several times for about a week, usually getting only a busy tone, but I keep at it and finally get a live person. She tells me someone will call back ASAP. This never happens. Again, I forget about it because this must obviously be an error.

In July I receive another letter warning of garnishment if I do not take care of the taxes. Again I begin calling ever other day trying to get through. After about 5 or so days calling I finally get a person who suggests I send a copy of my return in for review. I comply with this request and wait, while I assume this matter will simply be taken care of. Keep in mind that we are not talking about thousands of dollars, we're talking about less than $900 total.

October rolls around and I again receive the same letter I received back in July. Now I'm a little pissed off. Again I call and again it takes several attempts to get someone on the phone. They inform me that nothing has been done on my file, there is no record or my mailing and no record of any arrangements I've made. I'm told that I must send the documents and copies of my return if I am to resolve this issue. This time I record all the information and send a complete packet via certified mail with delivery confirmation on 11-4 still before the deadline for amnesty by they way. Again I wait.

In December I call again on my own to check on the status. Again, I'm told that nothing has changed. I'm told this can take time before anything is resolved. Again I'm encouraged to send copies. I sent not one, or two but three complete packets, one for each department within the Dept. of Revenue, yes they have three offices with three PO Box addresses all in Springfield, IL. Again I wait.

I filed our 2010 taxes as usual in February of 2011 but I never receive our IL tax refund and no information is available on the status of our return. In April I receive a letter from the Dept. of Revenue indicating that our refund has been withheld and applied to our penalty for our 2007 taxes. This confirms my assumption. They have received my return and credited our account with the taxes paid in 2007, but now are charging us with a penalty of $280.00.

I go through 4 people trying to get to the bottom of this ridiculous situation. I remind them that I sent in all the required documentation well before the deadline for the 2010 Tax Amnesty program, even though I had actually paid my taxes. I'm informed that this program does not apply to us, BECAUSE WE PAID OUR TAXES. This program only applies to people who DID NOT pay their taxes. So since our taxes are being reported as a late filing we must pay the $280 penalty.

I now must file a BOA-1 petition to the board of Appeals to request an adjustment of the fine.

The moral of this story. Apparently it's better to be a deadbeat than to follow the rules. If I had not paid any taxes for 2007, but had been stupid enough to file a Federal Return, which some people do, in order to receive the refund I would be done by now with no fines, penalties or interest. But since I followed the rules, I must now crawl to this Special IL Dept. of Revenue Board of Appeals, and beg.

Thank you.



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Monday, April 18, 2011

Help Support Harold "Sparky" Songer

Upside Down Flags

I think Mr. Songer is a great American. I want everyone to know I
believe it is people like him who made America great. I understand
some are upset about his actions and that's fine. Life is not about
always agreeing with the decisions or beliefs of your neighbors and
those around you, sometimes your feeling may be hurt and this is also
ok. Being an American means you are free to feel upset if you like,
it also means Mr. Songer is free to express his distaste for the state
of affairs in our nation. Our nation is in distress, whether you
choose to accept it or not is irrelevant. His actions are receiving
much fanfare here in Danville as these types of actions usually do,
and much of it is negative because those of you who agree usually do
not speak out. Harry Johnson (Museum V.P.) alluded to the idea that
they would soon attempt to remove Mr. Songer from his position at the
museum. If you support Mr. Songer, I would urge you to write and/or
call the Vermilion County War Museum or its directors, and let
them know how you feel.

VCWM Directors:
Allen Goff
Victor Hix
Julius W. Hegeler II
Jim Kouzmanoff
Kenneth Kuhn
Cordy Heron
John D. McFetridge

307 North Vermilion Street
Danville IL 61832
(217) 431-0034

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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Where is the Obama I voted for?

No, I didn't vote for Barack Obama, I'm repeating what the nearly defrocked Catholic Priest Michael Phlager asked when doing a show with Tavis Smiley and Cornel West.

After watching these videos you must ask yourself, what did they expect Barack to do exactly?

2012 will be an election based solely on Class Warfare, is this what we want in America?

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Friday, April 15, 2011

Tax the Rich MORE!!!

Currently 47% of the population pays no federal income tax. If that number gets to 51%, Ayn's Rands work of Fiction "Atlas Shrugged" becomes nonfiction.

Recently Barack Obama gave a speech targeting the rich to pay higher taxes. This makes the left very happy, excited even, since this is what they have wanted for a long time. Consider this for a moment. The "Rich" a highly subjective term, are usually considered to be the top 3% of earners who own about half the wealth in this country, as any leftist will tell you. These are the folks who earn 250K and more, all the way up to Buffet and Gates and the like. These are the people who own real estate and provide jobs. These are the people who belong to charitable and community based organizations all around the country. These folks are extremely wealthy to this I have no doubt, but I also want to make sure you understand that all these folks combined do not have enough wealth to completely bail out the U.S. Government.

I'm not talking about Joe Bidden style "Patriotic Taxes", I'm talking about Nazi style knocking on their door in the middle of the night and seizing their assets. I'm talking about lining up the "Rich" and shooting them in the head.

This gruesome and unimaginable vision, would not put the U.S. Government in the black. CONSIDER THAT FOR A MOMENT. If we were to take ALL of their assets and put it towards the 14 Trillion dollar debt, we would still be in debt, by a large margin.

How is taxing ONLY, them, going to solve anything, especially while we continue to spend? Really consider that for a moment before you vote in 2012, thinking that the rich need to pay more. The only real solution is to get serious about cutting the size and scope of the Federal Government. 36 Billion is laughable.



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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Brave Citizen "Sparky" sends a message

Harold ‘Sparky’ Songer, President of the Vermilion County War Museum is flying the U.S. Flag upside down. A traditional sign of distress. I commend this brave man for speaking out in such a public manner on the state of our nation.

Thank you Mr. Songer.

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Chicago "We are one" Rally

This was a rally recently held in Chicago to help show support for Union Solidarity. Notice the Socialist and Communist supporters who show up for such a rally.

The Coffee Party also helped support this rally.

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