Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Proposed Amendment to add Section 7 to Article 3

The Proposed Amendment to add Section 7 to Article 3 of the IL Constitution sounds like a great idea unless you really understand what is going on. This is yet, one more attempt by Illinois Politicians to smokescreen the citizens of IL. This amendment has no real teeth since this measure will make Illinois the only state to have recall that is subject to the discretion of the state legislature.

I've tried to write on this topic in my own words but I keep recapping an article by John Bambenek. So instead I'll just refer you to his Article on the issue.




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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Are Progressives nudging us in their direction?

Are Progressives nudging us? Michelle Obama recently told the NRA (Restaurant not Rifle) that they should "hide" the french fries. Here are three more examples of the food police in action. Nudge? you decide.

No Salt in New York.

Jolly Ranchers gets you a week in detention

Cheerios may be good for you, But the FDA says they are not good enough.



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More on the 10/2 One Nation Rally

Where was the United Methodist Church during 8/28? Why do they choose to back the event being organized and sponsored by One Nation?

Here are three stories that you should be aware of when thinking about the One Nation rally and those who are putting their seal of approval on it.

Does the United Methodist Church Really Support Saturday‘s ’One Nation’ March?

Is the United Methodist Church being co-opted?

Liberal Groups Planning to Rally on National Mall

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'Hell to pay' if Elizabeth Warren isn't in charge

The women who our President appointed during a recces sounds good if you only listen to her sound bites and philosophy. But does it disturb you that she seems to be in lock step with the likes of George Soros?

What exactly did the Progressive Change Campaign Committee mean when they said, "There will be hell to pay if Elizabeth Warren position doesn't have real power".

She also turned up on the same program as Soros at Make Markets Be Markets conference, March 3, 2010, New York City.

Q&A from Make Markets Be Markets from Roosevelt Institute on Vimeo.

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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Anyone but Mark Kirk

In preparation for the Anyone but Mark Kirk Campaign I wanted to organize my thoughts on this topic so anyone who was interested can have full access and understanding of the plan.

Anyone but Mark Kirk (Notkirk) is a program to mobilize IL voters to look outside the boundaries of the Republican and Democrat universe. Mark Kirk is a RINO (Republican in name only) who has proven this time and time again with his voting record. The Republican establishment is OK with this and has chosen to back him. I for one can not and many agree with me on this. We would like to see one the quality Conservatives still in the race eek out a victory, but we realize this a long shot at best. So instead of fighting to help make one of the four remaining independent and third party candidates win, it seems more likely that we might be able to influence a loss.

This sends a clear message that IL voters want more conservative candidates from the party who traditionally provides them. Especially in a state like IL with a reputation for Liberal idealism. If we are going to see a Liberal in office we might as well have one who we know and understand rather than one who pretends and lies, never showing his true hand until he's ready to cash in. If you believe as I do, that Mark Kirk simply cannot have your support, please "Like" The Facebook page and invite as many undecided voters from IL as you can.



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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Danville District 118 Press Release


Danville Community Consolidated School District 118 Board of Education

September 13, 2010

In this financially trying time, the Board is struggling to preserve a level of high quality education. We are using federal monies to bring back dismissed teachers, preserve programs, maintain class sizes, but these monies only go so far. Our schools depend heavily on state aide which is no longer as easily forthcoming. We need our teachers to do their part and take a salary freeze for one year yet not reduce their benefits, most important of which is health insurance. We also sought to explore ways to compensate them in the future years. One of our proposals was to pay merit bonuses if our students’ test scores improved.

Unfortunately, all of our proposals were rejected by the DEA. Despite telling the public that the teachers did not seek a raise for its highest paid teachers, the DEA sought increased salaries for all teachers and non-certified employees that averaged approximately 3% for teachers in each of 2 years and between 4% and 5% for non-certified employees.

The DEA needs to be straight with the public – they claim that they are for school safety but only if we pay the teachers’ legal fees if they are charged with a criminal offense. They want us to spend federal monies for education but only if a substantial portion goes to increase their salaries. They want us to hire additional nurses but only if we hire nurses with teaching degrees when none of our nurses teach. They claim to care about students, but they threatened to shut down our football program unless the Board capitulates to their demands. And, they want the Board to pay half of the DEA President’s salary to do Union business rather than teach our children.

We want to pay our teachers fairly, but we also want to preserve quality education for our students. We will continue to meet with the teachers to bring about a resolution of this unfortunate strike but we cannot agree to a settlement that risks the financial health of our school system.

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Saturday, September 11, 2010

8/28 Counter Event on 10/2 Interesting.

One Nation Working Together is hosting the Left Wing Version of the 8/28 Protest on 10/2 at the same location as Glenn Becks Event. This event is being touted by the left as proof that Glenn Beck has not real power or following. This event is being supported by 76 organizations so far.

The likes of:

Code Pink
Coffee Party Progressives
Rainbow Push Coalition
The 98%
and many many other Left Wing and Labor Union Organizations.

Let's see how many people they can get together at the Washington monument. With all those organizations taking part it should be millions. Should be fun.



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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Open Letter to the NRA I'm done


National Rifle Association of America
11250 Waples Mill Road
Fairfax, VA 22030


Michael Ortiz (Life Member on EPL Plan) (ID # 154439297)
Danville, IL

I request that you cancel my membership to the National Rifle Association (NRA) of America.

While I have been a proud member of this organization nearly my entire life, staring with a Jr. Membership at the age 14, I Can no longer support the NRA decisions that support the unequal treatment of American citizens by the Federal Government, in addition to supporting leaders who are moving forward an agenda that will destroy the liberty still enjoyed by Americans, which will ultimately include the freedom protected by the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. The NRA's recent actions are extremely short-sighted and unsettling.

Three specific actions on the part of the NRA have influenced my decision to cancel my membership in the organization:

1. The NRA's decision to withdraw opposition to the Disclose Act only after Democrats added an exemption that applied to the NRA.

2. Even though the NRA has released a statement saying that they do not officially endorse Harry Reid the contributions given to him paired with the resistance to officially endorse his opponent who is a strong 2nd Amendment supporter add up to nothing less than an actual practical endorsement.

3. Issuing what amounts to a gag order on board members to voice their opinion on the recent SCOTUS appointment of Elena Kagen.

At one time the NRA was a great champion for the 2nd Amendment, I am deeply saddened by this fall. I hope that NRA leaders will undertake a thorough reexamination of their recent actions in order to do whatever they can to reverse them, and will decide to once again champion causes in support of liberty and justice for all – instead of for the viability of the organization only.


Michael T. Ortiz

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