Monday, November 29, 2010

Wayne LaPierre December 2010 Standing Guard

Earlier this year I decided to withdraw my support of the NRA and cancel my lifetime membership due to some decisions they have made in recent time. This is not the first time in history that people have lost faith in the NRA. A similar situation happened years ago shortly before Charlton Heston requested admission to the Board of Directors. Heston, albeit it briefly, changed the direction of the NRA. I am not ready to change my opinion yet but this Article from their president Wayne LaPierre does show their over all direction is still good. It's been awhile, reading something from Wayne has left me with a positive feeling on the direction they are moving, but it gives me hope that the future will bring another great leader like Heston that will bring the organization back to honor.

I hope to read more like this in the future and see the NRA rebuild it's once great reputation.

Please enjoy.

Surrendering our Sovereignty



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Friday, November 26, 2010

Loser Pays "The Rest of the world Rule"

Also known as the "English Rule" to those who wish to make it sound foreign and Un-American. This rule is actually used by most of the world and certainly in every other country that has a legal system that even comes close to ours. This rule makes it so the loser of a law suit must pay the legal expenses for the party they bring the lawsuit against. I know, at first it sounds strange. Did you understand it right? YES, the loser must pay the legal fees not only for their own lawyer but also for the other side.

Brilliant right? I think so. Consider how this would reduce the amount of frivolous lawsuits.

Here are a couple of great articles if you would like to learn more.

Marie Gryphon

John Stossel

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Friday, November 19, 2010

WOW Weekly Update 14

The TSA security pat downs are getting ridiculous!!!

No Food Safety bill for now.

Civilian Trials work much better than Military Tribunals

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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Tom Woods at ISU

It was good to see a decent crowd come listen to Austrian Economist Tom Woods on Wednesday Night. We need more people to wake up and learn about the disaster that awaits us if we do not dump the current tax and spend philosophy of folks like Paul Krugman soon. Tom spoke about Meltdown and mentioned his new book soon to be released as well as some entertaining lighthearted humor in his own style about how we are all doomed! J/K, but not really. I only recently learned about Tom Woods and read his book Meltdown, which helped solidify my belief in what's going on in our country as well as helped me realize my past error in having faith in Alan Greenspan. He also gave a brief overview on the basics of Austrian Business Cycle theory and how the boom and bust is not necessary is we allow the economy to simple work it self out as well as the dangers dealing with fiat money.
Please check out Tom Woods to learn more.

Click here to learn more about you can help support an event to see Paul Krugman debate the Austrian Economist Robert Murphy.

Some entertaining must see videos.



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Friday, November 12, 2010

Boy banned from flying U.S. Flag during Veterans Week

If this doesn't make you sad to be an American I don't think anything will. A 13 year old boy who flies a U.S. flag on his bicycle was told to remove the flag by a campus supervisor, while he is on school property. To make the wound sting a little worse, they chose Veterans week, right before the November 11th holiday to enforce this new policy.

See the story here

This morning, the Superintendent, did announce Cody is again free to fly his flag, this is due the immense amount of pressure they received from outraged Citizens. This is one more example of why we must fight tyranny at all levels. If We the People did not call and put the pressure on they would not have overturned this decision.

If you want to share your feelings about this, here is the contact information for his school.

Denair Middle School
3701 Lester Road, Del Rio, CA
(209) 632-2510



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Thursday, November 11, 2010

IL SB1716 "Civil Unions"

I'm really confused by the all the mess that this legislation (SB1716) is stirring up. I have always been and will continue to be against "Gay Marriage" based on the belief that Government simply should not be involved in marriage. I have however always been on the side of equal rights for all, this includes gay people. I think "Marriage" should remain as it has always been, a spiritual union. This is a decision that should be made solely between the couple and the religious institution. I have never heard anyone argue that Gay People should not be giving equal rights when it comes to property and decision making.

(I'm sure there are some loons out there but I have not heard them and I'm sure they are not taken very seriously)

That said, this legislation SB1716 seems to me the best of both worlds. It allows for Gays to have the same rights and privileges while also protecting the Church. It makes certain verbal definitions such as "Spouse" to become more regular and understood. This should legally tear down any existing walls that Health Care and Financial institutions have in place that may cause a barrier for same sex couples. This will allow them the ability to function in our society with the same rights and privileges as any other married couple while allowing "Marriage" to remain a Church Sanctioned Union.

Now obviously some churches will choose to "Marry" same sex couples while others will not, but this is a matter Uncle Sam need not be involved in. If you do not believe in this type of union you simply will not attend one of these Churches and those who do may choose to join a different denomination.

More Choice, More Freedom.



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Monday, November 8, 2010

The TEA Party Movement will restore the Grand Old Party

The TEA Party Movement might be the last chance for the Republicans to return to honor and hopefully move the Democrat Party back to classical liberalism instead of Socialism or worse.

Many people are quick to attack to the likes of Christine O'Donnell. They will attack her on her past and her faith but they don't seem to attack her on the issues. Why do suppose that is? Some people simply do not understand Christine O'Donnell. I think it's safe to say many of these people do not understand America. Lost are the days where Americans will sit idle and take our leaders word for it when it comes to the direction we must move.

The TEA party is leading that charge, much to the chagrin of the the Republicans as well as the Democrats. Both parties must now re-learn how to deal with an actual authentic grass roots movement. Last Tuesday was only the beginning, our real job began on Wednesday. We must keep our eyes on the ball to ensure the newly elected batch of candidates stay true to their word.

One day soon we might again be able to call the Republicans the "Grand old Party".



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