Friday, April 15, 2011

Tax the Rich MORE!!!

Currently 47% of the population pays no federal income tax. If that number gets to 51%, Ayn's Rands work of Fiction "Atlas Shrugged" becomes nonfiction.

Recently Barack Obama gave a speech targeting the rich to pay higher taxes. This makes the left very happy, excited even, since this is what they have wanted for a long time. Consider this for a moment. The "Rich" a highly subjective term, are usually considered to be the top 3% of earners who own about half the wealth in this country, as any leftist will tell you. These are the folks who earn 250K and more, all the way up to Buffet and Gates and the like. These are the people who own real estate and provide jobs. These are the people who belong to charitable and community based organizations all around the country. These folks are extremely wealthy to this I have no doubt, but I also want to make sure you understand that all these folks combined do not have enough wealth to completely bail out the U.S. Government.

I'm not talking about Joe Bidden style "Patriotic Taxes", I'm talking about Nazi style knocking on their door in the middle of the night and seizing their assets. I'm talking about lining up the "Rich" and shooting them in the head.

This gruesome and unimaginable vision, would not put the U.S. Government in the black. CONSIDER THAT FOR A MOMENT. If we were to take ALL of their assets and put it towards the 14 Trillion dollar debt, we would still be in debt, by a large margin.

How is taxing ONLY, them, going to solve anything, especially while we continue to spend? Really consider that for a moment before you vote in 2012, thinking that the rich need to pay more. The only real solution is to get serious about cutting the size and scope of the Federal Government. 36 Billion is laughable.



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