Saturday, April 14, 2012

If Ron Paul does not get the nomination, will you support whoever does?

This is the question many neo-cons and Republican party hacks have been asking lately.

The simple answer is no. The only person I and many if not all of my fellow Ron Paul supporters will vote for, is Ron Paul. I highly Doubt Paul would support Romney, he's not a party hack and he knows how much credibility he would loose if he did such a thing. Paul stands by his principles, he's done this for 3 decades so I don't think he would start towing the party line now. Republican is not better than Democrat, Freedom is better than tyranny, so supporting Romney in any way would be akin to giving your jailer a rope and asking him to tie you up and hang you. Romney is not for small government, he is not for fiscal responsibility and he is not for free markets, he's a crony capitalist and a statist, pure and simple. He's proven this with his past legislative actions. Paul on the other hand has proven that he will stand, alone if necessary, for what is right.

Some Christians like to say that it's not important what a person does when people are watching, but what they do when no one is looking. Flip that in reverse. Paul has stood alone so many times when everybody was looking. He did the right thing when so many where doing the wrong thing. He's stood for our rights, our freedoms and the U.S. Constitution, when others were poking fingers at him, and making jokes about the Constitution being "outdated" and "obsolete". He’s the only one who understands non-interventionism and proper use of the U.S. Military. He doesn’t believe in any foreign aid, while others pander for votes by giving money away like we can just print more. (Oh wait, they can)… Ron Paul should be the natural choice for TEA Party minded people, but instead, their judgment has been clouded by so many other issues that have nothing do with anything and in some cases, fly’s right in the face of what they claim to believe. Ron Paul would be Obama's worst nightmare in a general election, because anti-war and civil liberties, liberals would take a good hard look at Paul and realize he might be the real deal. But go ahead and choose Romney because the, (“R”) after all is more important…

How could I vote for anyone else? I can't.



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  1. Conservatives, wishing the Americans Elect 3rd party will have no effect on the Presidential election? To late for that wish! will be on all 50 states ballots and will have a big impact. The leaders are Ron Paul, Buddy Roemer or Jon Huntsman. Which ever one wins would mean a split Republican vote and a Obama win. Ross Perot, George Bush Sr. and Bill Clinton the same split vote thing happen. Only this time the tables can be turned with the AE format and Hillary Clinton. Hillary can be used against Obama by all voters who do not want him re-elected. With her new YouTube popularity and the still bitterness over the 08 Democratic primary conservatives could split the liberal vote right down the middle and ensure an Obama defeat. So easy to go out to and for free set up a user ID and click the support Hillary Clinton button and split the liberals vote come November. I don't get why this hasn't been done already. Only thing I can think of is that conservatives do not get how bitter the 08 primary was or Obama could be robbed of millions of votes. Only have 21 days left to turn split vote defeat into split vote victory. Only question now is how fast and far can this plan be done? Share with your networks!

    1. Rush already did that, it was called operation Caos...

      Ron Paul 2012!!!