Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mitt Romney vs Barack Obama

Despite the fact that Ron Paul is actually much better than President Obama in so many categories, I keep hearing people say Mitt Romney is better then President Obama, so we all need to support the GOP candidate. Besides the fact that the GOP Candidate isn't decided yet, I want to take a look at Mitt Romney compared to President Obama to see if he really is better. After much investigation I've been able to list many of these.

President Obama and Mitt Romney have the following in common.

  • Receives many high dollar value donations from Wall Street executives. 
  • Supports the war on drugs (Despite having used drugs in the past, Obama allows the war to continue)
  •  Has supported some form of gun bans in the past.
  • Supports the idea of continued foreign aide
  • George Soros thinks there is little difference between the two
  • Support the IRS and the IMF
  • Supports the North American Union
  • Supports NAFTA
  • Supports the continuation of the TSA
  • Supported bank bailouts
  • Supports the continuation of foreign wars
  • Supports Agenda 21
  • Supports the Patriot Act 
  • In favor of the NDAA 
The major differences I was able to find between Mitt Romney and President Obama.

Mitt Romney is white and a Republican, while President Obama is black and a Democrat.



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