Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Doug Hoffman Lost

In my opinion it is a shame Doug Hoffman lost in the 23rd district race. It's only one seat in the House so it's not really a big deal in larger scope of things, but it would have been nice to see the Tea Party movement be successful. Instead the Huffington Post and all it's little minions are already poking fun at the "Tea Baggers" for losing. In my opinion Owens won due to a cool calculated plan between his camp and that of Dede Scozzafava. When a person drops out of a race a few days before an election the ballots are already printed and people already know who they are going to vote for. Dede cared more about having another Liberal in House than she did about being the person to represent her constituents. That's why dropping out made the most sense because dropping out and giving her support for the Democrat opponent would split her base between those who wanted a Liberal and those who wanted a Conservative. Then the remaining group would seal the Deal.

The Dumb Asses strike again. The Dumb Ass vote wins another election for A Democrat. 6% voted for Dede anyway even after she dropped out. Those are the Dumb Asses who made up their mind weeks ago to vote for her and then they tuned back in to American Idol and the World Series. mostly those are people who only vote by party but since Dede is a women, "we think" some of those folks might have also voted for her to show sexual solidarity. You know the whole sisterhood of the traveling pants suit thing.

Anyway, in this election I don't put all the blame on the 6% Dumb Ass population in Upstate New york, I also blame their local GOP party folks who put her on the ballot to begin with. They obviously did not pick a person who represented the folks in that area. If Half of Dede's vote went one direction and the other went for Hoffman with a 6% gap of Dumb Asses and 45% for Hoffman I think it's safe to say that if the GOP in upstate New york would have put their full faith and support in Hoffman from day one, he would be the new Congressman in Dist. 23. If they Had picked him Newt Gingrich would have given his support from day one and all the RNC base support would have gone to Hoffman as well that would have but him over the top and the whole situation would be very different.

In summary I don't think it's so much a loss for the folks who put their support in Hoffman as it is victory. We were able to show the RNC that we want more candidates like Doug Hoffman in the future. If they want to continue offering folks like Dede Scozzafave and John McCain then the GOP will keep losing elections.



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  1. I read a lot about this victory for the democrats. Guess it's the first time since the 19th century than anyone other than a republican has held the seat.

  2. Yes and the only reason it was up for special election is that Obama appointed that congressman as Army Secretary. I'm sure they knew a special election would be favorable to the Dems. If that Districts GOP would have picked a winner the seat would still be a republican one.