Sunday, November 8, 2009

Why are so many people so confused

I've been spending allot of time on message boards lately and I've found that many people are really confused about quite allot actually. At first I thought it was just people who maybe didn't spend as much time as I watching and reading. But I've come to understand that many people are really simply set in their belief on one topic or another with no backup or support. I come to a head with folks who simply believe a thing and can't even explain why they believe it and question facts of mine without understanding basic principles behind them.

I know this all sounds very vague and I'm only writing that way because I don't want to point any fingers at specific individuals. But all this has got me thinking and the only explanation I can come up with is that there is no much dis-information out there. At first i feared that maybe some of the Liberals were right but then I noticed that most of the folks who were dead wrong, were beating the Liberal Drum. I don't think this is mistake. I really believe that the Left is capitalizing on the fact that so many folks will simply take a side that is put in front of them and run with it.

Scary I know but how else can you explain so many people who actually believe in Saved Jobs? I've been hammered about how Schools and Police have been saved by the stimulus. Try as I might I cannot get them to understand that if stimulus is the ONLY thing saving the job, it's not really saved. Once the Stimulus runs out the job is still GONE. The system needs to be able to support the job long term on it's own for the job to be saved. If I hire someone knowing that I can't afford to pay them past a certain point, that is a temp job, not a career position. Throwing money at an industry or sector to avoid someone from being fired is not a saved job.

Argue all you want about whether or not people are still employed and whether or not you can even calculate it, it's not a saved job unless YOU KNOW there is no end in sight for that job. If you need to count on a recovery or an increase in revenue or an expansion in some government program in order for the job to remain than it's NOT A SAVED JOB! Sure some folks are still working thanks to stimulus spending, that is not an indication that anything is improved.

If I'm broke, unemployed and close to losing my house with a Housekeeper and a Gardner on my payroll. Then someone hands me $100,000.00. I choose to keep my Housekeeper and Gardner instead of paying for my mortgage and bills. Are those jobs really saved? I'm going to lose the house, they are going to lose their jobs it's just a matter of time, unless I find a new job or win the lottery. So their job security is connected my job security. Without that situation changing the overall collapse is still in sight.

The same holds true for Teachers, Police, City Workers or Corporate Executives. If you don't change the system to make it more profitable or less costly then nothing is really changed by simply adding more money. You only change the time frame in which it all comes to a crashing end.



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