Monday, January 18, 2010

Financial Collapse

Sometimes it’s not always as simple as going to the statue to determine if a piece of legislation is honest or effective. You also need to consider how the statue is enforced and where it's enforced as well as who is really benefiting from the enforcement.
I believe the CRA and laws like it, were designed to break the system.
(Look up Cloward and Piven)

This borders conspiracy theory so there are people who will not follow this. I have believed for many years now, that there is something going on in our government. Something has not smelled right and it's now starting to make sense. I don't believe Democrats meet in some secret bunker and plan on world domination. I do believe there is a movement that is using the Democratic Party and some elements of the Republican Party to move an agenda that is just outside the view of most Americans. I believe people like George Soros and the Saddlers are using their money, power and influence through organizations like ACORN to move America in a direction that we would never otherwise move.

When you combine this theory with laws like the CRA, where the government "encourages" banks to lower standards and ACORN holds protests at the banks to force them to comply, what choice do they have? Resist and the Media is all over them,
(Racist Banks won't give loans to blacks!!!) So they make what they can out of it. Then they find a loophole and The Government says, sure go ahead and use Mark to Market rules. Go ahead and use the lower standards for all customers so the middle class can now not only buy homes, they can McMansions, what could go wrong?

Then GW Bush tells the nation, go out spend, buy houses and cars!!! SPEND SPEND SPEND!!!

The Banks are all too happy to comply.
Did Banks tell people to spend of did our president?

Some republicans said wait a minute; this seems too good to be true. We need to look close at some of these loans and make sure we're not building another bubble here.

The democrats say, NO, NO, NO everything is fine, Don't look over here.

The Bubble bursts, A republican happens to be in office so that makes it twice as hard for a republican to win election in 2008. That gives the democrats a few extra brownie points, Then they decide to run a women and a black man. (CAKE!)

This is going to be sweet, the Democrats have used race and sex to divide the nation and solidify their base for years, decades even!

The black man wins and goes to Washington. Then he says we're going to punish those involved. Does he look at Barney Frank, NO? Does he look at Chris Dodd, NO? Does the administration go after Fannie and Freddie, NO? Are the institutions that failed allowed to dissolve and restructure? No, they get bailed out. Can't upset them, we might need them later. Are the Car companies that have failed, allowed to reorganize and restructure? No, they get bailed out, can't upset the Unions? So what do they do? They don't allow the system to work the way it was intended to work. Instead they bail them out and then scold them for using Jets and paying bonuses.
The Media gets “the people” to eat all this up. YEAH!, Those Greedy Rich people, they don't deserve bonuses. Throw laws and contracts out the window, what's really important is that rich people get screwed over!

If we wanted the companies and or the people who ran them into the ground to suffer, we should have let them loose their jobs. Instead, "The Government" bailed them out and then used the whole situation to showboat in the media, look what we can do...

We're going fix the economy and punish those rich bankers. Then we're going to tax those rich people and make them pay for your health care. Is this not Class Warfare?

Politics is very exhausting and takes a lot of time to understand. But once you do, it's like a whole other world opens up to you. Part of the problem in America right now, is that most people don't care to take that time, and when they do they get treated and treated like dog food or worse dog food that’s already been through the dog.

They rather just watch American Idol, go to parties, have fun and watch the Daily Show, Colbert and Letterman. They might watch a little News now and again, but if they don't watch Fox or maybe a little CNN, everything they hear is left wing and Fox lies. Then when they hear someone say something from Fox, they are automatically conditioned to turn off and assume this is one of those crazy people.

Then we have people on the Left who do take the time to learn but then many of them choose the Liberal School of thought of attack and discredit. I don't deny some republicans use this strategy as well but overwhelmingly if you go looking for it, you'll find those on the left use it far more often. We have many problems to overcome right now, and allowing ourselves to fall for these cheap parlor tricks needs to stop.
People all of political persuasions need to learn how to read between the lines. They need to see when someone is being baited and they need to realize there is difference between real News, Opinion and Entertainment.



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