Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Text Books in Texas

Proposed Changes to School Text books supported by the Texas Freedom Network

  • Eliminate Any mention of Independence Day
  • Ban Christopher Columbus, Daniel Boone and General Patton
  • Remove the Liberty Bell as a historical symbol
  • Remove any mentions of Religious views held by out Founding Fathers

The Texas Board of Education is holding public hearings over these proposed changes.
The Liberty Legal institute is helping in the fight against these changes. Changes by the Texas Board of Education could impact changes all over the country since Texas is the largest state which uses the adoption system for school text books. This means text book publishers follow their lead and push these books to other smaller states. States which use the open Territory system then have incentive to use these books as well since they are readily available and already widely used.

The Texas Freedom Network suggests that the current curriculum is dominated by right wing religious extremists. I guess only religious extremists want children to learn about things like the Liberty Bell and Independence day. These changes should scare the hell out of anyone who actually cares about freedom and liberty as well as anyone who simply cares about our children's ability to continue to learn actual history in school.



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  1. Im not a religious extremeist by any means but things like independence day,liberty bell,daniel boone christopher columbus,general patton should stay in text books and historical facts are part of what makes this america.

  2. I agree that all those things should be kept in teh text book. We need to keep these people and and their stories alive.