Sunday, August 15, 2010

Personal Spirituality and Individual Salvation

I take a lot of heat from both sides of the argument on the subject of faith. I consider myself an Agnostic but support and defend freedom of religion as one of our most sacred rights. I wouldn't say I'm not a believer, I just don't believe that the higher power wrote a rule book. Good is either in your heart or it's not. That's between each of us and our own spiritual belief. Freedom on the other hand is universal and a requirement in order to practice faith, so I believe we all can be joined in that fight.

That said I find myself questioning organized religion quite often. It also makes me question why those who are the most critical of my own personal spirituality of those who follow one flavor or another of organized religion. It seems those who are the "the most" faithful are also the "the most" critical. This doesn't make a whole lot sense to me but it's something that I've learned to accept. I only hope that those who have faith will come together now and work towards our common goals.



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