Tuesday, August 31, 2010

8-28 Restoring Honor Event Washington D.C.

After spending the day in Washington and seeing first hand what the event was all about, all I can say is thank God for Glenn Beck. He held to his word that the event was going to be non-political and all about Hope, Faith and Charity. The crowd was amazing, this was the first time I have ever attended an event of any size where there was more please and thank you, then screw you and get the hell out of my way. Sure, there was some folks who didn’t like people cutting in on “their turf” but I didn’t see or hear any one make any comments that could be construed as mean, and certainly not violent. That is until we left the event. Anyone who thinks D.C. is a friendly city, has not spent much time there.

Everywhere we went, people were all about jumping in front of us and getting somewhere first. A group of outwardly gay individuals even felt the need to call us “tea baggers” while we ate breakfast at the Luna Cafe, which by the way is excellent and highly recommended to anyone who finds the need to go Washington D.C. If not for the Gaggle of Homo’s (See Steve I can use discretion at times) the Luna would have been a wonderful experience. Even with the incident the service was very kind and food was excellent. In addition to the Luna experience we encountered people all throughout the city who seemed like it was a huge inconvenience having to deal with “Tourists”. This from a City who by all rights should not even be a population center if not for the fact our government is headquartered there and the sole reason anyone ever had for moving to the area in the first place.

I am glad I had the opportunity to participate in the event, I hope that people of faith, all faith can now begin the process of working together to restore our republic. I believe it will be these people who pave the way. If not, who? If not now, when?




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