Thursday, September 16, 2010

Anyone but Mark Kirk

In preparation for the Anyone but Mark Kirk Campaign I wanted to organize my thoughts on this topic so anyone who was interested can have full access and understanding of the plan.

Anyone but Mark Kirk (Notkirk) is a program to mobilize IL voters to look outside the boundaries of the Republican and Democrat universe. Mark Kirk is a RINO (Republican in name only) who has proven this time and time again with his voting record. The Republican establishment is OK with this and has chosen to back him. I for one can not and many agree with me on this. We would like to see one the quality Conservatives still in the race eek out a victory, but we realize this a long shot at best. So instead of fighting to help make one of the four remaining independent and third party candidates win, it seems more likely that we might be able to influence a loss.

This sends a clear message that IL voters want more conservative candidates from the party who traditionally provides them. Especially in a state like IL with a reputation for Liberal idealism. If we are going to see a Liberal in office we might as well have one who we know and understand rather than one who pretends and lies, never showing his true hand until he's ready to cash in. If you believe as I do, that Mark Kirk simply cannot have your support, please "Like" The Facebook page and invite as many undecided voters from IL as you can.



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