Friday, December 31, 2010

Ben Bernanke is not an idiot!

Something that has really got on my nerves lately is all the talk of Ben Bernanke and Central Bankers who don't get it and how Obama doesn't understand basic economics. I totally agree with the likes of Tom Woods and Jim Rodgers who believe our current situation is not sustainable. I also believe the Federal Reserve only compounds the problems. The part I take issue with is that even a Dumb Ass is right once in a while, even if only by accident.

How can the man who runs the Federal Reserve be wrong every time?

How can he make blanket statements like Quantitative Easing will not create inflation?

Who believes that this man or even our president doesn't understand basic economics? Is it not more reasonable that they understand quite well how the system works but they have an agenda in the works that requires the actions being taken. Instead of given these people a free pass by believing they act because they don't understand, why don't we instead start asking, what is it that you're really trying to do?



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