Thursday, December 9, 2010

Class Warfare 2012

The stage is set.

The War is scheduled with the final battle being November of 2012. President Obama and his Democrat party have gotten their wish, they will now be able to run on all out class warfare in 2012. The Current tax rates (Being called the Bush tax Cuts) have been extended to 2012. This means that the same issue will come up again 2011/2012 and our President has already made it clear that he will fight to make the tax rates permanent for 98% of Americans while attempting to hit the top 2% with much higher tax rates.

This is exactly where Class Warfare starts to get ugly, especially when you already have a progressive tax system where the wealthy pay over 50% of the national income tax base and the bottom 20% pay little or no taxes.

Unless Nancy Pelosi refuses to bring the Tax Cut Compromise to the floor, the deal made between President Obama and Senate Republicans, will pass.
The Democrats will run on this and they will run hard, they are hoping to succeed where Walter Mondale failed. The two parties will either be going head to head on this or the Democrats will attempt to reel in as many Centrist Republicans as they can to go along with the ruse that is Wealth Envy.

"If you can't make it, take it from those who made it".



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