Thursday, June 23, 2011

Bush and Obama two peas from the same pod

President Bush added a 30,000 troop surge then withdrew them in 9/2007

President Obama added a 30,000 troop surge then withdrew them 6/2011

Change you can believe in, or the same old BS....



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  1. This really isn't anything new! Why are you so surprised?

    Bush Sr. was for: "Free Trade and NAFTA" - Clinton ran against it. Within ten days of his nomination, Clinton signed it into law.

    Clinton was for: "Bigger Government, More Foreign Aid, and Nationalized Healthcare" - Bush ran against it. Then he expanded: Government, Foreign Aid, and added Prescription Drug Coverage.

    Bush was for: "Suspending The Constitution, FEMA Camps, The Patriot Act, and Banking Bailouts" - Obama ran against it.

    Do You See A Pattern? Well, you ought to... it has been going on for numerous decades! Both sides are working for the very same men at the top... even an idiot can see that.