Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Why l hate the label "Constitutional Conservative"

Not all that long ago when I was still listening to Sean Hannity via radio on a regular basis, I liked to call myself a Reagan Conservative.  Another famous radio talker likes to take a different angle on this and go with Constitutional Conservative. Now, I've always had a deep found respect for the U.S. Constitution and am proud to say I aced my Constitution test in junior high.  I often carry a copy with me and I read it and even listen to debate on it on a regular basis, so at first, the label seemed like one I could really embrace.  The only problem was that at about this same time I also began to read more about our history and freedom which lead me to libertarian philosophy.  This is the same time I began following the career of Ron Paul and the idea of constitutionalism as a political philosophy.

This is when I came to the realization that the Constitutional Conservative label came about for those who just want to appeal to the Conservative Right while waving the banner of the United States Constitution. These folks share a similar agenda with the  NeoCon's while also justifying the Social Conservative point of view as well. Many of those who choose to use this label are generally strictly against the legalization of drugs and the removal of cartel economies.  Generally, they are also in strong support of the armed forces but most importantly they will make any excuse for the continued support of the military industrialized complex and the use of forceful intervention in foreign affairs including unprovoked attacks or preemptive war.  In the mind of the Constitutional Conservative, any military spending is good and beyond reproach.  This of course by itself fly's right in the face of what the U.S. Constitution is all about.  So in a nutshell the "Constitutional Conservative" is someone who believes in following the Constitution unless it goes against their own personal moral code, then to hell with the Constitution.  

This is simply not acceptable in my opinion.
Yes, Michelle Bachman, this includes you, even if you are the leader of the TEA Party caucus.        



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