Thursday, November 17, 2011

Do we need to support Israel?

We need to support Israel because this is the prophesy the Bible speaks about.  I don't understand this argument. 
Most would agree that the bible is clear on defense, and the possession of weapons to defend, but did the United States fulfill a Biblical prophesy in 1948 by creating a nation destined for war? I think that's a self fulfilling prophesy if I've ever seen one. The  Palestinian people people were there in the desert over a hundred years prior to us having ripped their land away so we could create a Jewish state in the middle of an Islamic desert. Then we armed those Jews for war, and we criticize others for arming the Muslims. Does this make any sense, to anyone? Now, today, people are looking at this whole situation like it's some kind of biblical prophesy. HELLO!!! SNL, couldn't make this shit up. Throwing together mortal enemies, adding weapons, and then standing back to see what happens.... OMG!!!, they're fighting, I CAN'T BELIEVE IT!!!! This must be what the bible talked about.....

Further more, the U.S.A is a nation of individuals. Belief in God is not prerequisite in order to be a citizen. 

(Thanks to Obama's bone headed comment you're going to hate my next words)
We are not a Christian Nation. 
Many people are christian and I have no problem with that. If those people wish to pickup their sword and flock to Israels defense, I have no problem with that. What I have a problem with, is when people believe that we as a nation have an obligation to commit lives to a war that has nothing to do with our own sovereignty.

I understand many people have a deep passion for Israel, but that passion has nothing to do with our rights and freedoms as American Citizens. Keep in mind there is still no war to speak of. Yes, there are threats and there will always be threats but when we look for a leader, a President for the United States of America, we need to look for a person who has Our (the Nation known as the United States of America) best interests in mind. We are looking to elect the POTUS, not the Christian Crusader of the world. That person has an obligation to ensure the existence of our land and our freedom not that of Israel. I believe that task currently belongs to Benjamin Netanyahu.

Let's just say for a moment that we vote for a candidate who promises to use all of our resources to defend Israel, up to a full scale nuclear war. Is that what's in our best interests?

The American People elected Woodrow Wilson because he promised to keep us out of war. We now know that was never his intention as he fully expected to get into the war and he did just that as soon as he was elected. Now, we have people turning away from a candidate who is promising to keep us out of war, and instead looking to support candidates who are almost promising to get us into a war. These are strange times indeed.

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