Tuesday, November 8, 2011

What's going on?

I took a little break from posting so I could reset my mind and consider all that is happening so fast.  

First some good news, Ron Paul won the Illinois Republican Straw Poll.  But as soon as he won, some started to speculate and dissect the poll results to show how his win doesn't really mean anything.  That figures, if Ron Paul does win the nomination and becomes President some people will still be coming up with stories about how he really didn't win, Ron Paul supporters only found a better way to cheat.    

Herman Cains past of sexual harassment doesn't seem to bother the hard core right, in fact the usual suspects are in full over drive defending him.  Its gotten so bad in fact that I'm hoping Cain did do something awful just so I can laugh at all those who are defending him without even knowing what he did or did not do.

Another thing that I noticed while on my short break was this story about forced sterilization in Carolina.  When we were criticizing Obama's Czar for writing a paper on how to carry out this kind of plan we were called crazy conspiracy theorists, but low and behold we find out its already been tried and tested.  That's weird.  But the Federal Government would never do that, would they?
How exactly is it that that so many people criticized the TEA party for being hateful and violent?  I've been reading all these stories about these Occupy Wall street nut jobs and I'm forced to shake my head.  At latest count, the Occupy protests have had 7 rapes and 3 deaths and countless reports of attacks and fights.  In Oregon, Occupy Protesters threw urine and feces at food vendors who wouldn't give them free food.  Mind you, that these vendors had given the protesters free food and drink early on but had stopped the practice when it got out of hand.  Was there anything like this at any TEA party events?

Perhaps it is time to seriously think about moving up onto a mountain somewhere. 



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