Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Gun Control Compromise

So Bill O'Reilly and others would like to see more gun control, specifically as Bill suggested, a law which would require folks who buy "Heavy Weapons" and large amounts of ammo to be investigated by the FBI.  My first thought on this is heck no, why should the Feds watch me, because I purchase some gun that a bureaucrat deems "Heavy Weapon".  As most supporters of the 2nd amendment understand, gun registration usually leads to confiscation at some point.  We are always told this is crazy in America, because we are the land of the free.

We are constantly told that that these kind of measures are for our own good, they are to fight terrorists and so on.  Well what about people who don't trust their Federal Government, who prepare for the day when the lines are drawn between those who support tyranny and those who fight for freedom?    

So I'm willing to make a compromise.

Every American who buys "Heavy Weapons" and large amounts of ammo should go on a list so the FBI know exactly where we are.  In return, every single Federal Agent who has access to the same kind of "Heavy Weapons" also goes on a list which will be made public.  This way we know who they are, and they know who we are.  This will make the 2nd American Revolution much more easy to fight.

What do you say???



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