Monday, July 9, 2012

Republicans are not necessarily our friends

As a Republican I’m deeply concerned with the increase of the police powers by the state and loss of civil liberties that the citizens of this nation have endured in recent years.  Let's look at the the U.S. Patriot Act as well as the recent NDAA’s and even the FAA Act of 2012.  Combined these bills account for roving wire taps, indefinite detention and Unmanned Drones, like the one recently hacked by some College Students in Texas, flying over U.S. Airspace.

All of these measures have strong Republican support.  In my home state of Illinois, most of our Republican Congressmen and both of our Senators supported them.  Wire taps, detention, access to library and business records and drones. Is this the America that they envision?   Is that the America that you envision? 

It's time we start holding them all accountable.  We can't allow party loyalty to taint our opinion.  Statism is statism, no matter if it comes from the Blue or the Red.  It's time we start pointing this out at every opportunity and hold their feet to the fire.  



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