Friday, May 29, 2009

"Don't Smile" Big Brother is Watching

This is what I'm talking about, and it's not even a new story. But apparently since the Government has finally gotten around to making it mandatory that all 50 states have similar ID requirements. They now want to and have in some states, made it illegal to smile in your photo. I'm not an anarchist I do believe we need some government, but the nature of it is that they can not take just a little, they take as much as they want and tread all over the people. The real issue here is why?

They want us all to be stone faced so they can plug our mug into their facial recognition software. They want to be able to catalog us. They want to be able to pick us out of a crowd with a machine. They want us in the machine. Slightly creepy if you ask me. The real issue I have is that I can actually wrap my arms around this to some degree. I mean if they are looking for a bad guy this seems like it would be a excellent tool to use. But I wonder, 'Why aren't the liberals who were so up in arms over the Patriot Act not screaming about this"?

Add into the mix that the Government now has the legal power to take your newborn babies blood. It does this without your consent and you can not say no. They voted this into affect as law back in 2003. They have a DNA repository going back to 1997. The original reason "which made some sense" was to test for disease. But, they now keep the DNA, they do not destroy it they keep it on file. Why?

So in summary, Big Brother has our Photos, all of our personal information and even our DNA in a database somewhere. It seems every week we here a new story about some company or government agency who lost a laptop of was hacked into. The President just today announced yet another Czar to be named, A technology Czar who will be responsible for insuring that all of our data is safe. Sounds backwards to me but who am I?

Just something to consider.



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