Saturday, May 30, 2009

If I ever decide on a life of crime I'm moving to Cali

Yes, these are prisoners doing Yoga.

I know I know, a society is judged by how we treat our prisoners. But I think it's a little much when a state like California who is in debt and making claims that they will not be able to keep murderers and rapists in prison if they don't raise taxes, wants to spend even more money on Aroma Therapy and Yoga for it's inmates. A recent report shows Cali spends $50,000.00 a year on it's inmates. $14,000 of that is for health care. That's more than most people anywhere spend on health care. Audra Strickland wants to increase spending by $8,000,000,000.00 a year. 8 BILLION dollars, which would include Yoga facilities and Aroma therapy.

For those who may not pay attention as closely as I do, please understand. California right now is cutting spending on Health care for others who need it. They are currently in the process of cutting spending on Medicaid, Healthy Families, and even Welfare programs.

At current levels they spend about 5 times more on an inmate then they do on a student.

Shouldn't that be the other way around???

I'm no fan of welfare programs as I don't believe they are designed well and give zero incentive for people to actually get turned around and working to support themselves. But I would rather see money spent on those who at least theoretically need the help more than on murderers and rapists who have already chosen a path.

Add to this all the other outrageous spending that California does on it own and it's no wonder they're in trouble.

The real issue I have is those who defend Cali's spending saying that spending has actually stayed in line with population growth and inflation increases. Hello, do you need to spend ever last dollar to the penny? Just because you CAN spend doesn't mean you should. Do you understand what a surplus is? California should be used as an example for the world on how not to run a government, but instead is held up on a pedestal like a shiny example or progress.

"Or is that Progressiveness"



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