Sunday, May 31, 2009

Everyone should watch last Fridays Beck

Craig T. Nelson (Coach) was real on Friday. I think his interview with Glenn Beck on
3-30-2009 may have been the most honest representation I have seen on Network T.V.. Of a person who most closely represents myself. What say do I have in all the spending the government does? What say do you have? Does someone call and ask your opinion on spending increases? Is there a vote? Of course not, that's not how government works.

We need a government that can run things without getting approval on every single issue, this is obvious and understood. Without this there would be in chaos and nothing would get done. We do however need officials who are aren't going to run around and spend recklessly on things the voters don't even know about.

This is why the local government is supposed to be stronger than the Federal Government. This is how the founding fathers planned it. This is the way it was intended to be. Over time however it seems that the Federal Government has grown it's powers to the point where it can do anything it wants.

If more people were to follow Mr. Nelsons lead the Government would have no choice but to listen.

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