Thursday, September 17, 2009

"More Change" No Missile Shield More Patriot Act

It seems that the Obama Administration is doing it again. More Change we can believe in. More Hope! Eastern Europe is now open to missile attack from Iran and Possibly China. This is of course another George W. Bush commitment that Obama has now changed. It seems he is more concerned with overturning everything Bush did than he is in actually improving conditions and safety in the world. In addition to this the news comes out on the 70th aniversery of the Russian invasion of Poland.

The administration is saying that this is an effort to calm Putins concerns over the system. That eliminating this system will improve chances of gaining Kremlin support for Nuclear Arms Control and assistance in Afghanistan. Does anyone believe that Russia is going to disarm? I mean really? Russia, rolling into Georgia with tanks and troops over some oil, RUSSIA!!! Are they going to sit back now, calm over the threat that little old Poland or the Czech Republic are over Russia and decide maybe that Obama guy is right. Let's get rid of our Nuc's. REALLY???

This is nothing more than a powerful Liberal President using his pull to push an agenda that most Americans and most Eastern Europeans do not agree with. He is bowing to Russia while allowing the growing threat of Iran to loom in the distance. In addition to this, it was just announced that he supports extending the Patriot Act. Scraping the Patriot Act was a campaign promise that garnered allot of support from his left wing base. Just more evidence that Obama is not the great unifying agent that many believed him to be. He is instead the gifted two faced smooth talking politician that many of us feared him to be.

He will say anything and do whatever he wants.

Change you can believe in?



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