Friday, September 25, 2009

Racists at the G20 summit in Pittsburg

Did you see all the racists in Pittsburgh protesting the G20? That is all about a black man as President of United States, straight up. Those folks threw rocks and used rolling dumpsters as block aides. Law enforcement had to use tear gas and batons, while in full riot gear. At least 66 arrests were made.

Now as a comparison the 9-12 March on Washington was attended by at least tens or thousands if not a million people. Not single rock was thrown and not one single arrest was made. If I were black I'd rather deal with the 9-12 variety of racists instead of the G20 protest racists.

What is clear, is that whenever people rise up against the government it must be racism. I'm sure Jimmy Carter will make a speech any time now and Bill Clinton will back him on it. We as Americans need to stamp out this form of racism once and for all.




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