Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Casey Anthony

Normally I would not even waste any time on this but so many people are talking about it, I might as well get my thoughts out on the trial.  Is she guilty?  Probably...  But Probably is not good enough. 

"It is better to risk letting a guilty man go free, than to condemn an innocent one."


My grandfather once told me something just like this when I was a young boy. My grandfather was not a stupid man, he may not have been well read, and I'm pretty sure he never read anything by Voltaire but he once spelled this out albeit in a more graphic fashion. He told me "that it was better to allow a murderer to go free than a hang an innocent man.", he further explained to me that nothing could bring the dead back, no matter how angry you are and no matter how much better you feel when the murderer is laid to rest, the dead do not come back.

We now know that many innocent people have been hung for the crimes of others. As our technology improves, we continue to free people from the shackles of imprisonment. No amount of compensation can make up for time served, for lost life and lost time with family, and certainly no compensation can be made for innocent life taken in retribution.

Casey Anthony certainly is guilty of many crimes the least of which is being a horrible mother and possibly the worst is murder of her own daughter. But possibly is not good enough, many would argue that absolute certainty isn't good enough, to take a life in exchange for a life. One thing is for certain, no one is going to feel good about this in the end, that's why murder and death are so horrific.

In closing, I would like to ask all the people who are bent out of shape over the not guilty verdict if they feel this upset everyday when driving by a planned parenthood clinic? You do after all thirst for punishment of Casey Anthony for ending the life of her own daughter, does that thirst not extend to all mothers who commit the same crime? If not, how do you justify one and not the other, what right do you have to lay judgment for one life but not all life. Is it because this one is all over the T.V. and you can see pictures of the beautiful little girl?



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