Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Cut the Spending!!!

Spending needs to be cut. Plain and simple, It needs to be cut… The Debt ceiling does not need to be raised. Plain and simple, it does not need to be raised.

There will be no default if spending is cut. The Soldiers and all the seniors will still get paid.

I couldn’t care less about a balanced budget amendment, it will take years to get that done anyway and we don’t have time for that fight right now. We need to focus on the Spending.

SPENDING!!! The only thing I want Washington to be looking at is Spending. That’s it. Forget about the Amendment, forget about increased revenue. Cut the Spending. How much more simple can I make this?

I will be watching this very closely and plan to weight my voting decisions heavily on how this situation is handled.

Cut the Spending!!!

Thank you,

Mike Ortiz
Danville LiberTEA

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