Friday, July 29, 2011

Debt Ceiling, Smoke and Mirrors

Most of the information being given by the MSM isn't worth spit. Do these people actually believe that we will have a financial catastrophe if the debt ceiling isn't raised? Do they really believe our military won't be paid or that Seniors won't get their checks from Social Security? The U.S. has been in default for some time. Default means you can't pay the expenses with your current income. Borrowing more so you can continue to pay doesn't change that, it only prolongs the inevitable. Loans to cover expenses makes sense when it's justified by your projected future revenues being great enough to make up for up for it, but how long can you get by with nothing but more loans?

Some think an increase in revenue (Raised Taxes on the rich) is the anwser. but this doesn't work either. Taxes can't be raised high enough to cover the shortfall without also hitting the middle and lower income bracket with huge tax increses. The MSM would have us believe it's only the Republicans who are being stuborn on this issue but the democrats are being just as stuborn by not actually participating. President Obama has still not actually provided an actual plan. His Press Secrestary admitted this saying to do so would be too politcally charged. Really? Does anyone have any idea where this strategy comes from? Some would so the Frankfurt School of political theory others would say it's simply a way to deflect blame. Regardless the strategy is working exactly the way it seems it was intended.

Just tonight, John Boehner got many of the republicans to cave on their principles by allowing for a rise in the debt ceiling, even though the Senate would likely table this legislation. This is a sign the GOP will now go along with whatever Harry Reids sends them. If so, Obama will get his comprimise and the ablitity to spend another Trillion Dollars now, so we can work on a Trillion Dollars in future cuts over a period of years. Does this make any sense? At least I can be proud that my Congressman
Timothy V. Johnson IL-15 voted No and stuck to his guns.

Thank you Congressman Johnson and thank you to the twenty one other brave republicans who continue to fight. The list below are the Republicans who voted NO along side two of the Presidential Candidates Ron Paul and Michelle Bachman.

Ron Paul (Texas)
Michele Bachmann (Minn.)
Justin Amash (Mich.)
Chip Cravaack (Minn.)
Jason Chaffetz (Utah)
Scott Desjarlais (Tenn.)
Tom Graves (Ga.)
Tim Huelskamp (Kans.)
Steve King (Iowa)
Tim Johnson (Ill.)
Tom McClintock (Calif.)
Mick Mulvaney (S.C.)
Connie Mack (Fla.)
Jim Jordan (Ohio)
Tim Scott (S.C.)
Paul Broun (Ga.)
Tom Latham (Iowa)
Jeff Duncan (S.C.)
Trey Gowdy (S.C.)
Steve Southerland (Fla.)
Joe Walsh (Ill.)
Joe Wilson (S.C.)

Half of these folks are freshman!!!

Just moments ago the Senate did in fact reject the measure 59-41. I guess we'll see where it goes from here.



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