Monday, October 17, 2011

Do you support the Troops? Support Ron Paul, because they do

When active duty military soldiers reach into their own pockets to help support a Presidential Candidate Pre-Primary, who do they support?  Overwhelmingly they support Ron Paul.  Yes, the man who many claim is un-American, the man who they say doesn't support our troops, has once again received the most Campaign contributions for the 3rd quarter from active duty servicemen.  Also, he raised 2 to 1 support over President Obama, who raised a total less then in the 2nd quarter.  Not only has Ron Paul received the most campaign contributions but he alone has raised more money so far than Barrack Obama and ALL the Republican Candidates COMBINED, from Active Duty Military.    

Of course a little over $100,000 isn't enough to win the election, and it's a far cry from the nearly $36 Million that Mitt Romney has raised.  But when you decide who to support for President in 2012 are you going to choose a candidate supported by big money or a man who is favored by the good men and women who risk their lives defending freedom across the world.  No matter how you feel about the foreign wars or whether you agree with Ron Paul on everything he stands for, don't you think the soldiers choice should matter more than the big money influences that propel RINO's like Mitt Romney and Rick Perry to front runner status?  

I do, and I plan to support Ron Paul for the GOP nomination.

If you support the troops, I ask you to support the candidate who the troops support.

Support Ron Paul

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