Friday, October 14, 2011

Personal Observations; TEA Party Rallies vs Occupy Protestests

TEA Party leaders (TPL's) often plan months in advance for a rally.

Occupy Protestors (OP's) also planned months in advance.

TPL's obtain permission to use a location which often times also included obtaining permits and insurance polices.

OP's Just show up in a large crowd disrupting everyone else. This includes but is not limited to Reducing business to the surrounding shops, Blocking traffic which prevents people from being able to get to the hospitals and any other place requiring access to a major bridge.

TPL's make sure to provide locations for participants to have access to washrooms. Sometimes they even order porta-potties just to be sure.

OP's pee in the bushes and shit into plastic bags and expect the local businesses to dispose of their waste. Then they bitch and moan because the owners of the private property they occupy, want to clean said property.

TPL's are often canceled due to political pressures on those who have granted use of private locations. Despite this frustration, NO TEA PARTY EVENT HAS EVER BEEN VIOLENT.

OP's use the power of their numbers to scare weak political leaders into bending over for them due to fear of violent retaliation. Then they threaten boycotts on local businesses that do not wish to grant them public access to their shops.

TPL's show respect for their leaders, even when they disagree with them, they often provide a platform for them to show up and explain themselves. This is often ignored by those leaders but it is almost always available.

OP's refuse to let senior members of the political organizations they are "Protesting" to speak. (They have allowed a select few members of Congress to pat them on the back, but only when they knew the response would be positive)


TPL's have a history of respectful protest and despite this track record they are treated poorly by many. They are often prevented from organizing new events in fear that there may be violence and retaliation.

OP's literally shit on private property while dancing naked and have become darlings to the media and the left wing members of Congress.



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