Thursday, October 6, 2011

Occupy Wallstreet

My thoughts about the Occupy Wall street Protests now spreading across the country.

I think it's sad. It's incoherent and it doesn't make any sense. Few of them seem to have any idea what they are actually protesting and the ones who do have an idea are largely not interested in liberty or freedom but rather revenge on the rich. Have you read their list of demands? It sounds like a communist party platform. From “free” education and health care to a guaranteed “living wage”. The forced abandonment of fossil fuels, and the forgiveness of all debt on a planetary scale. These would require the forcible seizure of private property, and the compulsion of “desirable” behavior by an extremely powerful government. Far from agitating for any species of liberty, even the kind envisioned by the hopelessly lazy and disaffected, these protesters are demanding the final dissolution of economic liberty. Anarchy is the handmaiden of tyranny. Anarchist movements are never followed by increased liberty.

There are a few good idea's mixed in there somewhere but it's all terribly misguided. Most of them are just angry and envious of the the wealthy. Many are only there because this is being sold as an anti-TEA Party movement. They blame the rich and the corporations for issues that are really the fault of Congress and our Federal Government and when you try to point this out to them, all they can say is no you're lying, you don't have the facts. The TEA party folks want to cut spending and get things under control, this movement is all about more spending, extreme spending. They want to right off all Student loans, and give away free college education. They want everything to be Nationalized, and they aren't afraid to say it out loud. Honestly this is the anti-TEA party.

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