Thursday, June 28, 2012

SCOTUS decides Obama Care "Tax" is Constitutional

So, what exactly happened today?  The Supreme Court decided "Obama Care" including the individual mandate is constitutional after all.  How can this be when it mandates the purchase of a product?  The Answer is simple.  The Obama administration took a page out of FDR's play book and lied to the American People.  We were told this would be revenue neutral and no tax increase would be included, but the argument they used in court when it was challenged, was that this is simply a tax increase.  Did you catch that?  Yes, Obama Care is after all nothing more than a Constitutional TAX...  Good Job you leftist crap heads.  You just supported the finest example of Crony Crapitalism that exists today.  Now the Evil Corporations that you vilify will profit beyond their wildest dreams while a whole industry is swallowed up by the Federal Beast. 

Side note to those of you who believe Mitt Romney will actually do anything about this if elected.  You are smoking some really good stuff, will you share?  I need to get high in order to deal with the frustration of this all.  Sure, the (R)'s are going to pretend fight this.  They might even pass a bill in the House to make it look good and they will roll out the usual suspects like Michelle Bachmann to make it look like they are really serious about this, but in the end, it will all fade away.  Even if Mitt Romney is elected the fight will fall, some other issue will take center stage.  They will probably find another scary Muslim that needs to be dealt with before America is doomed, or some such nonsense.  There will be another armed conflict that requires our full attention and by that time the American people will largely be getting used to the idea that our Health Care is being provided by corporate/government partnerships.    

God Bless America...



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