Thursday, October 4, 2012

First Presidential Debate of 2012 is a huge success!!!

No matter if you love President Obama or Mitt Romney the first Presidential debate of 2012 was a huge success.  Neo-Conservative news sites and blogs clearly marked Romney as the winner, while main stream media outlets and left wing sites and blogs tagged Obama as the champion.  What does this mean to average voter?  Simple, both choices are pretty much the same, as usual.  It doesn't matter if you support government regulation or increased taxes, Either candidate will serve your needs. President Obama and Mitt Romney are contrasts within the same system while they don't challenge or change the system.  This means they are not different at all. We as nation remain in the same direction under the same conditions. Even Reagan, who said many things which sound patriotic, still grew the system, which grew into the irreversible situation we have today.

I maintain that the only difference with these two party candidates is that they think they can manage big government better than the other and because of that we should be dedicated to fight the system until the end.

Next up, the kid from the Dairy State vs. Joe "Mr. Commuter Train" Biden.



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