Monday, October 22, 2012


You know, maybe President Obama is right?  Maybe Mitt Romney Flip Flops on his positions so often because he really does have a mental illness that prohibits him from remembering what his positions are.  Maybe that's why he changes back and forth so often???  Maybe "Romnesia" is real and we're just now discovering it.  Maybe this disease has a side effect which leads people towards political aspirations, which is why so many in D.C. and the State Capitals of our nation seem so filled with people who have this same problem. 

I hate to give the President so much credit but can you imagine the first black President of the United States of America who was awarded a Nobel Peace Prize only 8 months after being inaugurated and only 17 months prior to authorizing the launch of 112 Cruise Missiles into Libya, might also have a shot at becoming the first black man and only 2nd man ever, to win 2 individual Nobel Prizes.  If he has really in fact discovered this new debilitating disease now Doctors and Scientists can work hard in trying to find it's root cause and a cure. 

President Obama could be single handily responsible for ending Romnesia.  Once a cure is found to this disease the voters can rest assured that all future political leaders and candidates will have stable and solid messages just like Ron Paul.  Never again, will we need to deal with people who run for office on positions that are completely different from the positions they supported just years earlier.  This is the beginning of a whole new revolution in Democracy.

Thank you, President Obama.  As it turns out, your Presidency is not a complete failure.  



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