Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Sheila Jackson Lee calls for “behavior analysis” not profiling ???

I hate liberals/Progressives.... I know I know hate is a strong strong emotion and how can I hate "figurative" people who I may have never met. Well, tough, if you call yourself a Liberal I think you deserve to bare the hate I and many more have for you. They are royally screwing up this country.

What the hell is “behavior analysis” if it's not profiling? Sheila Jackson Lee Representative from Texas who is also the chair of the Subcommittee on Transportation Security and Infrastructure Protection has called for behavior analysis in trying to seek out and find possible terrorists.

These gosh darn liberal moonbats need to get their dam heads out of their collectives asses!!!

The real question here is do we want more profiling? The answer is YES!!! These Liberal idiots need to finally come to terms with the fact that profiling is not about racism or prejudice. It's about finding people who are actually likely to commit crimes and acts of violence. If those people happen to have colored skin, so be it. No one is saying there are committing the acts because they have colored skin. There is a difference, a very important difference.

It's crap that some politicians need to come up with a new Code Word to feel better about it.

See the original story here.



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  1. by your logic we should also be profiling white males, i.e. Timothy McVeigh. you single out an entire race of people just because a few of them want to kill us and all that does is create even more animosity towards this country. and mike, the difference between a conservative and a progressive liberal is that we don't hate you. we disagree with your beliefs but we don't hate you. we'll make fun of you, but we don't hate you. ~billy

  2. Hate is a strong emotion that I do not use very often. I am however getting to the point where hate is the only emotion that fits. I'll say that I don't hate every single person who calls themself a liberal, since I have found many who don't really understand what it means and when you cut thru the haze they are really more conservative than they realized. But people like this Sheila Jackson Lee deserve my hate. Allow me to explain, this CHICK is dangerous and it's not just this last thing she said.

    As for your comment about white people. One event hardly stands as grounds worthy of profiling, especially since his action has nothing to do with an airplane. If you want to profile white dudes who rent white vans, go ahead I soppose. How many white dudes have bombed or tried to bombs planes? People who mess with airplanes tend to be brown skinned and come from the middle east. Old white grannys and middle aged white dudes with corp jobs traveling on business with round trip tickets don't exactly go off the deep end and try to crash 767's into buildings. So if you're brown skinned and/or come from the middle east and especially if you have one way tickets, yeah I have no problem looking more closly at them. If they have been in the middle east and have Muslim names regarldless of thier skin color. Strip search, bag search, body scan the whole package. Maybe after several thosand inocent Muslims get annoyed enough at this treatment they will take matters into their own hands and put an end to this dangerous radical islam once and for all.

    Why is it that when we know what are enemy looks like we are not allowed to find him and deal with him? I'll reconsider this viewpoint when and only when a blue haired grandma from Utah bombs an American airliner in the name of Allah. It's ridiculous plain and simple that we can't look more closly at those who we KNOW are more likely to be a threat!