Monday, December 21, 2009

WoW 5

A story broke on the weekly standard that Senator Ben Nelson of Nebraska was threatened with an Airforce base closure if he didn't play ball and vote for Health Care reform. This story has received a huge amount of attention and many left winger news outlets have gone on record calling this story a smear. Michael Goldfarb, who released the story said himself "that it was not a very credible threat". He was simply reporting the story and for his trouble now he is being targeted as a loone despite the fact that 20 Senators have gone on the record now signing a letter asking for a hearing to investigate the matter.

Governor Doyle of Wisconsin has signed a bill into law requiring public Schools to teach Organized Labor (Union Propaganda). This despite the fact that teachers and the board of education are not in favor of such legislation. This will ensure that future students are taught the history of organized labor in a positive light without looking at the negative ramifications that unionization brings or the history of the abusive tactic that labor has used in it's history.
I only wonder if Union campaign contributions could have played any part in his decision?

Then we have an eight year old boy who was asked by his teacher to draw a Christmas scene decided to draw a picture of Jesus on the cross. He and his family had just traveled to see a very historic church with a crucifixion display. Now keep in mind this child is eight years old, he drew the picture with X's on the eyes of the figure on the cross. His teacher immediately had the boy removed from class and had him questioned as to the reason for his drawing. he explained it was Jesus on the cross but the they kept after him, asking him why he drew the picture. The boy then said it was him on the cross. Now because he said this the school ordered the boy get a full psychiatric evaluation in order to return to school. If this isn't religious persecution, I don't know what is.

In another story pertaining to religious liberty, a young child reading the bible during quiet time in her New Jersey School was told that the Bible is not acceptable reading material. The teacher noticed what she was reading and told her she most put the bible away. Reading books is one the accepted activities during quiet time, but I guess only books approved by the teacher are allowed to be read. The School later releases a statement claiming that this teacher had made an error and the the Bible is acceptable reading material but by then the damage is done. Yet one more example of liberalism/progressives at work in our public schools.



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