Thursday, December 10, 2009

WoW 4

Well now we have a convicted felon married to a U.S. Congresswomen attending State Dinners. I guess it makes sense since while he was in prison he wrote the manual for President Obama's success. Again, if not for Glenn Beck this issue probably would have never made it into the thoughts of millions of Americans. "Stand up Straight" by Robert Cramer reads like a handbook on how a progressive president can change America by 2009. It's interesting how all of the ideas in the book have been implemented by President Obama or the progressive left movement before he was elected. Just another piece of the puzzle to prove their is a hidden movement in this country.

Also this week we have Al Gore at it again claiming, "The anti-Climate Change Movement is at it's sunset". I think Al's been drinking too much kool-aid if he actually believes his opponents are about finished. In Copenhagen there will be yet another large showing of scientists who do agree with the man made climate change theory. And we find out that a piece of ice as large as the state of California was lost do to "Sensor Drift" . I guess the polar Bears aren't almost homeless after all. Of course Presbo also got in on the action during his Coppenhagen speech saying, "we all need to come together on climate change". You think that might have something to do with how much the U.S. and the rest of the developed world has riding on Green investments? If you know Al Gore you should ask him how much he has invested.

In China the communist regime has decided to crack down on the spread of Christianity when they kicked down the doors of China's first 50,000 member strong Mega Church. The Leaders are now in jail and the church has been taken over by government authority and is currently under guard. This is the very same country that owns a significant portion of our U.S. Debt. Just think whether you support this kind of regime or not you're helping to fun it each and every time you buy something with one of those little Made in China stickers.

I hope everyone had a great week.



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