Thursday, July 29, 2010

It's Time to get Serious, it's not too late, Yet.

We’ve reached a time in our society where things are not as simple as they once were. We used to be able to make a decision simply on what was just and right, this was relatively easy to determine. Those days are long over. People, we need to start putting forth some effort in learning what it means to be free. Learning which of our liberties are still secure and which ones have been stolen from us. It’s not so easy anymore to realize what our politicians are really trying to do, they come up with bills with names that sound good and fair, but are they really? The "Disclose Act" for instance, sure it sounds good that a politician be required to disclose where they get their contributions from, right? What the name does not reveal is that many organizations will be barred from any kind of donation thereby destroying freedom of speech as we know it, as it pertains to elections.

It’s no longer acceptable to sit back comfortably and assume all politicians are the same and it doesn’t matter which is elected. They are "NOT ALL!" the same, there are good people out there who will represent us but many of these people do not have an (R) or (D) next to their name. Many of these people will have an (L) or an (I) next to their name. These are not the people who are all over the news; they are not at the giant conventions and big money fund raisers. We need to start looking outside the box and focus on electing those individuals who best represent our principles and values. If we keep looking inside the box, we are allowing the Media and others to decide for us, who to vote for. Are you comfortable with that? Ask yourself this serious question. The last time you voted in an election, did you really know that the people you selected would represent your best interests? Did you really know what kind of person they were?

There have been a handful of really important bills in just the last couple of years. I don’t really expect many people to know this but again ask yourself, do you know how your Representatives voted on some of these bills? Do you even know which bills I might be referring to? Do you know where your favorite baseball team is in the standings? Do you know the names and records of their starting five? Do you know the life story of your favorite Actor or Actress? We need to start focusing on what is truly important in our lives if want any chance of remaining free and keeping America a great and powerful Nation.

Do you realize there is an active movement right now, trying to implement a National Popular Vote? If you live in Illinois, did you know your state legislature has already enacted this into law as have 4 other states. 5 other states have had it pass both of their legislative houses. The Electoral College is the embodiment of our Founders belief in both federalism and the idea that the country ought not to be dominated only by the largest population centers but equally across the Nation by those who live in Cities and those who live in Rural Areas. A National Popular Vote will create a large area of the Nation that politician’s will not even bother to campaign in because it wouldn’t be worth their time. 100% of the serious Campaigning will be done in New York, LA, Chicago and Boston and other huge population centers located in mostly Liberal States as well as Battle Grounds like Ohio. If you live in a rural state it will be up to your cousins in the big city to decide who will govern you and decide on the policies that will affect you and your business.

How many people who voted for Barrack Obama in 2008 really knew who he was? How many had read his books and understood their implications? How many really took the time to look at his voting record? How many really understood his stated positions? When People like Sean Hannity and Fox News reported on his own words and his involvement in Jeremiah Wrights Church it was written off as propaganda and a scare tactic. It’s time we as citizens really make the effort to inform ourselves on who is running this Nation. We all need to have a vested interest in our future; otherwise the last stand for freedom will come to an end.

It's time we all start taking this a little more seriously before it's too late.



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  1. Fantastic Mike. Right to the point and no punches pulled. Wake up America, you'd better wake up and take ahold of the reins. Your country is being stolen right before your very eyes.

    Thanks again Mike for a great post. You are a true Patriot my brother.

    In God I Trust
    Have a Great Day and a Better Tomorrow