Monday, July 5, 2010

Will our desire for instant gratification destroy us in the end?

I keep hearing and reading from people who are ready to take up arms against the government or who believe it's about time we do so. I admit, I have also found myself with these thoughts even though in my heart I know it's premature. Ironically it's "Hateful people" such as Glenn Beck who are acting as the voice of reason in telling us that it is much too early for that. He reminds us that the Founders tried to deal with the oppression from the King going through official non-violent channels for years, in an age where it took months over sea to deliver a letter. This adds perspective to our situation and clarity to the task at hand.

November is not that far away. It will be a major battle ground for freedom. Hopefully it will only be a hypothetical battle ground and not a literal one. I'm not sure our nation would survive at this point if driven to violence over such a small oppression as the soft tyranny we are now facing and have been facing for a while now. My fear is that the American people have become so inveterate to instant gratification, that I'm not sure the majority remembers what it's like to struggle in order to achieve ones ultimate goal. Not only has this mentality driven our society into deep debt with our charge it now and worry about it later philosophy it has also worked its way into our political system, "We need to act now or our financial system is going to crumble"!

We have been raised in this environment and many of us continue to raise our children in this manner. How many of you have direct experience with or know someone who has had a young child who understand that money comes from the ATM machine? It's funny, even cute when it happens but it should also give us pause and remind us the importance of teaching our children that before the money is in the ATM it must be earned. This is of course akin to the stories of inner city kids who believe milk comes from the store due to their lack of exposure to the country and of farms in general. Kids are taught how to say cow and milk when they are young but they have no real world grasp how they are connected. The same holds true for Cash and Economy.

You don't need to dig very far in order to find people who actually believe that our Government can continue to print money and spend without devastating effect, even though history screams at us, that this cannot work. Many of these people present themselves as altruistic leaders or experts. Either these people are really disconnected and believe their ideological agenda with such vigor they believe nothing can hurt the U.S. simply because nothing has yet, or they have other motives. In either case we will find ourselves in severe turmoil if we allow this way of thinking to infect the majority. If this does happen we will surely have a situation on our hands where our citizens will demand our Governments print enough money to right all the wrongs of the world, then sit and wonder how they became subjects to another King.

I'm not speaking from a high and mighty position. I have also fallen victim. I know how dangerous it can be. It is important to understand that before we can fix the future we must have a good firm grasp on our past. It's true what they say, or paraphrase in some cases,"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it".



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