Saturday, July 10, 2010

Montana School to teach homosexuality to 1st graders

By the 2nd grade, the students will be fully programmed with PC left-wing rhetoric and completely accepting everything about the homosexual lifestyle with no regard to the beliefs of their family or their faith. The School plans to ensure that by 5th grade all students are taught every aspect of oral and anal penetration. This is all part of the normal curriculum, not an optional program parents can choose take or leave.

This story is in addition to the School in Massachusetts that is preparing to hand out condoms to all students including Kindergarten students without any communication with the parents. Is it any wonder why more parents are finding the home school option more appealing? Interesting that while schools are choosing these extreme Liberal platforms more states are considering making it more difficult if not illegal, to home school their own children.

We have officially reached a point in this country that Home Schooling is the only option for those who do not wish to have Bureaucrats choose the flavor of indoctrination your children will receive.

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