Tuesday, July 13, 2010

No Lame Duck Session

Below is my letter against a Lame Duck Session. To send your letter, please go to
Freedom Works

July 13, 2010Dear Representative Johnson:
Dear Senator Durbin:
Dear Senator Burris:

Dear Member of Congress,

I continue to hear rumors about a potential "Lame Duck" session that could be held right after the November elections and before the new Congress is sworn-in.

I fear that despite a very different political make-up in Congress, elements of the far Left will view this as their last chance to enact threats to our liberty including:

1. The Cap and Trade Energy Tax Hike!
2. Another "Stimulus" Bailout Scheme!
3. More Tax Hikes at a Time when we can Scarcely Afford them!

This would go directly against the will of the people - having had their say in the November Elections - and I urge you to oppose it as the worst kind of political, dirty-trick.

Should a lame duck session surface, I will be watching your vote very closely on cap and trade, additional taxpayer-funded bailouts, any attempts to increase taxes, and any other policy proposals that erode more of our freedoms and expand the reach of government.


Mr. Mike Ortiz
1226 Oak Street
Danville, IL 61832

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