Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Daley wants one last chance to step on 2nd Amendment

Mayor Daley wants one more chance to tighten up gun laws in IL while he's still King. He has proposed legislation the would ban high capacity magazines and assault weapons. The legislation would also strengthen penalties for existing gun crimes.

The proposal also includes:

Requiring that a background check be conducted by the Illinois State Police prior to all private sales of handguns.

Requiring handgun dealers to be licensed by the Illinois State Police.

Banning “assault weapons” and high capacity magazines.

Requiring mandatory jail time of five years for a convicted felon who is caught with an illegal gun.

Enhance the penalty for pointing a gun at a first responder.

Holding a parent or guardian responsible for instances when they willfully put a child in harm’s way by bringing that child with them to commit a crime and the child ends up injured by gunfire.

Automatically transferring from juvenile court to criminal court certain juveniles who are apprehended for possession or use of a firearm.

Increasing the penalties for knowingly selling a gun to a minor or convicted felon.



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