Friday, February 11, 2011

Akbar Coup

So the Media is cheering for the great shift in power in Egypt, also known as a coup, when the military takes control. Usually when this happens, it's not a momentous occasion, but in the Middle East it's opposite land. When people in Iran rise up and protest against their controlling regime, the U.S Government sits on it's hands. But, when people in Egypt rise up in protest and the origins are unknown, the administration shows strong support even is it flips back and forth like a fish out of water. Why is the Media cheering this event so strongly? The answer is simple. Barrack Obama needs his own personal Berlin Wall. It doesn't matter if the protest leads to a genuine democratic government or not, as long as he can point to revolution during his watch it can be spun during the next 18 months in his favor. Even if the Muslim Brotherhood takes control, it's highly unlikely that will happen over night, so Obama and his administration have plenty to use as inspirational Hopey, Changy ammo leading up to 2012.

In the words of our own Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, "The Muslim Brotherhood is a largely secular organization". OH, wait a minute, Scratch that. After having his hand slapped, he now says that "Muslim" is simply an umbrella term pointing out that the Brotherhood has eschewed violence. Apparently he misunderstood the twitter post. Pay no attention to the history of the Brotherhood, the murders and executions or their assistance to the Nazis during WWII, they now claim peace, so of course we must believe them.

All I can say now is that I hope, I truly hope the people of Egypt stay stong and resist the temptation to fall in line with powers that will lead them down a worse path then the one they have just traveled.



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