Friday, February 18, 2011

Mr. YouCut Won't Cut, really!!!

So the Majority Leader Mr. Eric Cantor who leads the "YouCut" Project Won't make serious Cuts, really!!! Apparently He's not interested in making large cuts that will really impact the bottom line. It sounds to me like a lot more talk and a little less action. The Republicans have shown a willingness to make cuts unlike anything we have seen in a long time but many are still are not brave enough to make the tough decisions needed to fix our economic situation. Mr. Cantor along with the following folks Kevin McCarthy, Kristi Noem, Committee Chairmen Dan Lungren, Hal Rogers, and Jo Bonner voted no on Amendment 101 to HR 1 otherwise know as the Blackburn Amendment which would cut an additional 22 Billion dollars.

There ares till many more amendments to go through so well where the cutting ends up.

You can see the total Roll Call vote results here, as well as all others.



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