Sunday, February 13, 2011


On April 15th there will be a gathering in Springfield known as the THE ILLINOIS STATE WIDE TAX REVOLT.

This is an invitation from East Central IL TEA Party to come and Join IL.T.E.A. Party Inc. as well as all conservative patriots, small businesses , all ILLINOIS T.E.A. Parties, all Take Back/912, Campaign for Liberty, and all the conservative and libertarian groups that can make Illinois whole again. WE NEED THOUSANDS to show the rest of the United States we can change the corruption in Springfield and Chicago. The time is now and we need you to be one of the voices of unity. Of course, this is a peaceful revolt and we ask that all demonstrate the common sense we are known for. Please join us.

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Mike Ortiz

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  1. where do i get money to pay this its rent payment and im scraping by now