Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Danville's amazing new $1.2 Million Parking Lot.

Any day now new families and businesses will be moving into Danville now that we are going to have a brand new $1.2 Million "Green" Parking Lot. This parking lot is going to be the catalyst for growth that Danville has been waiting for, or at least that's how it was sold Tuesday night at the City Council meeting. Some would actually have you believe that this brand new High School parking lot is going to help bring in new families and increase property values. Never mind that a brand new Parking lot constructed of traditional means would only cost a quarter of the $1.2 Million projection, this brand new and untested "Green" technology is the icing on the Boondoggle cake that our Federal Government and the climate change community would have us all eating if they had their way.

The EPA just started testing this type of technology in 2009 to see if any positive environmental effects could been seen. They replaced a 43,000-square-foot section of the parking lot at its Edison, NJ facility with three different types of permeable pavement for the study which was slated for a 10 year period. This means the EPA is only 2 years into it's official study, meanwhile they are handing out hundreds of thousands of dollars to any Tom, Dick and city who is willing to spend similar funds implementing something that might or might not actually work.

Not only is this "Green" parking lot going to cost the tax payers $1.2 Million to construct but it will require costly maintenance and cleaning that was only touched on during the meeting. I for one will not be shocked if this maintenance adds tens of thousands in extra cost to the city over the life of the lot. This is only the beginning, if we allow it to continue, this trend in smoke and mirrors "Green" technology will continue to consume our resources and give the government more of an excuse to continue raising taxes.

I urge anyone who agrees with this to share their opinions with their local leaders. We need to prevent the spread of this kind of irrational thinking and spending.



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