Thursday, September 22, 2011

Tonights Florida GOP Debate

In a nutshell it was more of the same. The Fox news folks tried to frame the contest between Rick Perry and Mitt Romney but the answers given by both of those knuckleheads were nothing more than the same old rehearsed lines with a few zingers aimed at each other. Really it was exciting... Really.

I'm a little confused about Herman Cain. Where did the strong Fair Tax Cain go? Now Cain has his own, new 9-9-9 plan, and the Libertarian-Republican Garry Johnson is all of sudden the Fair Tax. I'm not sure what that's all about but it's interesting.

I like Newt Gingrich's comments about buying Greek Bonds and going down together. I also thought all the candidates had excellent answers to the question about how to fix the education system. We do need to abolish the Department of education and give more choice to the parents. The answer is clearly not to simply spend more money.

Ron Paul's rebuttal to his earlier answer in regards to money fleeing the U.S. was spectacular. He received much applause and I think he really helped clarify his position. Sadly, it was only the third time he was allowed to speak. Each time Ron Paul speaks however, I believe more people really begin to see where he stands.

I think Michelle Bachmann really hurt herself when she went out of her way to counter Gary Johnson's comments about flights to Cuba. Apparently Bachmann is scared of Cuban terrorists while John Huntsman is trying really hard to sound more like a libertarian. Rick Santorum is still trying his best to appeal to the social conservatives. His answer in response the gay soldier was actually quiet good. I agree with him, sexual relations have no place in the military, straight, gay or otherwise.

Rick Perry keeps taking more rope to hang himself with on the Gardisil vaccine issue. His answer tonight including a new twist about a women who lobbied him on the issue. Does this help him or hurt him? Do Americans want a President who will make such a statist decision due to a persuasive woman's lobbying skills.

Gary Johnson received the largest applause of the night with his "Shovel Ready" stab at President Obama. When asked to choose a VP from the candidates on the stage there where some very clever and politically smart answers but the best of all was Mitt Romney, who said, anyone on the stage would make a better president than what we currently have. I guess that means Mitt Romney just gave an official endorsement of legitimacy Ron Paul's campaign.

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