Thursday, September 1, 2011

Illinois Presidential Campaign Delegate rules vote delayed

It appears all the debate on this issue has caused the State Central Committee to take notice. This won’t be as cut and dry as they thought it would be. Thanks in large part to those of us newly active we were able to make them realize many in the State are now paying attention to details, because details do matter.

If you have any questions about the proposed rules change please feel free to contact me. This new change could be huge, and it could make IL relevant again in Presidential Politics, and not just a state where candidates come to raise funds. The new rules will also allow the other candidates who don’t get all the press coverage and the MSM (Main Stream Media) seal of approval a chance to compete on the National Stage. The field is spread pretty thin and could get more so if Palin gets in. Ron Paul is running strong even though Rick Perry and Mitt Romney are still getting the majority of the MSM coverage. Many of us see Rick Perry for the fraud he is, and many have already pledged not to support Mitt in any capacity. Add to that the growing support Ron Paul is getting and the numbers of us who will not vote for any other then him in 2012 and we might for the first time since 1948 see a real brokered RNC Convention.

The new rules will allow for candidates who receive at least 10% of the vote to obtain a proportion of the delegates based on their total percentage in the primary unless 1 candidate gets 51% or higher. The new rules as amended will allow the Campaign to choose their delegates as usual and will avoid the hassle of signature collection and ballot challenges from other campaigns or even the democrat party. There are some very influential spokespeople on both sides of this issue. I for one support it, I think the proposed changes are a good idea. If you feel strongly about this I suggest you call the SCC members to share your opinion.

CD Committeeman Home Email

1. Steven Daglas (708) 943-1913

2. Judy A. Diekelman (708) 877-6565

3. Angel Garcia (312) 375-0979


5. Angelo Skip Saviano (708) 453-7598

6. Chris Kachiroubas (630) 832-0778

7. Carol Smith Donovan (312) 643-0730

8. Eugene R. Dawson (847) 381-8817

9. John Dorgan (847) 698-0630

10.Tolbert Chisum (847) 251-4967

11.Richard S. Williamson (847)

12.Barbara J. Peterson (708) 946-2331

13.Deb Detmers (618) 259-6374

14.Roger C. Claar (630) 759-3232

15.Jim Oberweis (630) 466-4886

16.Jerry Clarke (217) 649-7805

17.Dave Syverson (815) 282-4200

18.Judy Dudek (309) 647-7968

19.Michael S. Bigger (309) 695-6338

20.Demetra K. DeMonte (309) 347-4397

21.Bob Winchester (618) 285-3636

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